The organization works on

1- Work to protect the environment and create a clean and sustainable environment, especially since the waste and pollution and air quality and the deterioration of the state of natural resources in the country has serious environmental implications.

2- Work on the establishment of a culture of environmental education

3- support farmers whose farmland were damaged and thus the loss of green spaces as a result of the different circumstances that have passed their

4- defending the freedom of the change and seek to provide citizens with knowledge, experience and resources to help them build a better life, and support women and to ensure their access to education, health services and employment opportunities,

5- promote the preservation of the human rights and strengthening the role of women in society

The organization's mission

What is happening in these days of great progress and development at the hands of man came in various fields of modern technology and science policies of previous governments led to a breach in this environment in which we live, including pollution caused by air and its water and soil. And social problems that accompanied the environmental problems which invited us to the founding of the environment and society.

To reduce the pollution of the environment and methods of treatment and the development of training programs in the field of sustainable agriculture and support the development of environmentally friendly industrial and poverty reduction in the countryside through support farmers whose farmland damaged for different reasons and defend freedom of expression and women's support And work to ensure access to education, health services and employment opportunities and enhance the role of women in development and contribute to the protection of international peace and security through education, science and culture through cooperation and ensure universal respect for justice, law, human rights and fundamental freedoms without discrimination